Welcome to the Advanced Learning Center.  The ALC serves high school-aged students in grades 10-12, offering a wide variety of advanced learning opportunities. Please visit with your high school counselor for more information about ALC.

BYU Fine Arts & Poet Laureate

Story by Brandon Arnold

ALC’s Film and Video Production students visited BYU’s Fine Arts Center last Friday. They were able to tour the film classes, set construction workshops, editing labs, animation labs, theaters, and prop and costume collections.

They were also lucky enough to attend a poetry reading by Robert Pinsky, three-time U.S. Poet Laureate. After his reading, Robert spoke about the creative process and life as a working artist and scholar. What a fantastic experience these students had! 


The Leonardo

Story by Anna Palmer, Photos by Sandi Jorgensen

Health Science students visited The Leonardo museum yesterday. From ALC 33 students attended; and from PHS HOSA 22 students attended. Everyone was able to see the Body Works: Cycle of Life exhibit wherein plasticized body parts and cross-sections of organs were on display. Additionally, healthy and unhealthy bodies were compared. What a great experience in learning these students had!

Writing Center

Story by Anna Palmer

The UVU Writing Center is available to all students and members of the community. Anyone may use their services on-campus or via online Web Conference. Check out the links below.