Advanced Health Science


Advanced Health Science | WSU Concurrent Enrollment

HTHS 1110 & HTHS 1111 (Biomedical Core) - 8 credits

Suggested Grades: 11-12

Prerequisites: Chemistry or AP Chemistry, Biology or AP Biology, and Medical Anatomy
In order to give students adequate time for class instruction and lab work, this course is scheduled for both the A and B time slot in a given period.

HTHS 1110 & 1111 at WSU fulfills their biomedical core requirement. Also, when given credit for both HTHS 1110 & 1111 through Weber, these courses will transfer across to all state colleges as college anatomy and physiology.

This is a college anatomy and physiology course, where students can earn eight college credits through Weber State University. Topics covered include college anatomy & physiology, basic pathology, and an introduction to various medical careers. Various organ dissections will occur throughout the course. At the conclusion of the year, students will visit a cadaver lab. ALC pre-medical students are strongly encouraged to join HOSA (a student organization for future health professionals).