Carpentry 1 & 2


Carpentry 1 & 2 | UVU Concurrent Enrollment

CMGT 1190 (Framing and Concrete Lab) - 3 credits
CMGT 1220 (Finishing Lab) - 3 credits

Suggested Grades: 11-12
Students must have transportation to and from the job site. Courses are blocked together.

This building construction series consists of both courses: Carpentry 1 & Carpentry 2 (taken together for the full year). The students will be involved in the construction of a home from beginning to end, supervised by a licensed contractor. Classes are offered the last two periods of each day. Students can choose to attend either A day, B day, or both. Students will need to provide their own transportation to and from the job site. Tools will be provided. As part of a two-course series, students will be prepared to lay out, fabricate, erect, install, and repair wooden structures and fixtures using hand and power tools. Includes instruction in common systems of framing, construction materials, estimating, blueprint reading, concrete placing, siding, and mechanical systems. These courses are based on the current National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) task list.