Computer Programming 1


Computer Programming 1A & 1B | UVU Concurrent Enrollment

CS 1030 (Foundations of Computer Science) - 3 credits
CS 1400 (Fundamentals of Programming) - 3 credits

Suggested Grades: 10-12
Prerequisites: Computer Technology or Exploring Computer Science, and Secondary Math 1

This course is a beginning class in computer programming and applications. During the first semester, students are introduced to the fundamentals of programming, to simple control and data structures, to basic operating system commands, and the use of text files. Students learn to design, code, and test their own programs. During second semester, students are in intermediate computer programming and applications. It reviews and builds on the concepts learned in first semester, where students are introduced to more complex data structures and their uses, to sequential files, to arrays, to graphical user interfaces (GUI), to the use of classes, and to recursive processes. Students will learn to create more powerful programs.