Digital Media 2


DIGITAL MEDIA 2  -  Full Year - 1 Credits

Suggested Grades: 10-12
Prerequisite:  Digital Media 1


NOTE:  This course is paired with either 3D Graphics/Animation or Video Production 2. Students can take Digital Media 2 as a stand-alone class but not when paired with Video Production 2, a student must also take Dig Media 2.


This is an advanced digital media course designed to teach the process of planning, instructional design, development, and publishing of digital media and interactive media projects. Digital Media 2 is the second year course within digital media pathway where students will focus on developing advanced skills to plan, design, and create interactive projects using the elements of text, 2-D and 3-D graphics, animation, sound, video, digital imaging, interactive projects, etc. These skills can prepare students for entry-level positions and other occupational/educational goals.


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