Psychology | UVU Concurrent Enrollment

PSY 1010 (General Psychology) - 3 credits
PSY 1100 (Human Development Life Span) - 3 credits

Suggested Grades: 10-12
Prerequisites: None
Our Psychology courses are being offered in a BLOCK since some colleges require both courses as prerequisites for their Nursing program, and some colleges require one while others require the other. Since most high school students when graduating do not know which Nursing college program they will get into, students will be able to complete both. PSY 1010 will also fulfill a course requirement for the Regents Scholarship. PSY 1100 is also a major requirement for most college Elementary Education programs.

PSY1010 - General Psychology

An introductory course in modern scientific psychology. Covers major domains of scientific psychology including biological foundations, sensations, perception, learning, motivation, human development and abnormal psychology. Examines major psychological and professional applications.

PSY1100 - human Development Life Span

Explores human development from conception and birth to old age and death. Examines growth and developmental patterns and describes the characteristics of various developmental stages. Studies the major physical, cognitive and psychosocial themes and issues of human development. Includes genetics, prenatal development, birth, early/middle/late childhood, adolescence, early/middle/late adulthood, and death.