Web Development 1


Web Development 1 | UVU Concurrent Enrollment

DGM 2120 (Web Essentials) - 3 credits

Suggested Grades: 10-12
Prerequisites: Digital Media (DGM 1110) must be taken either before or at the same time; Suggested prerequisites: Web Development, Sec Math 2

Web Development is a course designed to guide students in a project-based environment in the development of up-to-date concepts and skills that are used in the development of today’s websites. Students will learn the fundamentals of how the Internet works. They will learn and use the basic building blocks of the World Wide Web: HTML5 coding, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), JavaScript and JQuery.

They will follow the steps to create a website by planning, designing, developing, deploying, and maintaining of the website projects. Students will learn responsive web design techniques that will allow for the website to be coded once but capable of being viewed at desktop and mobile resolutions. They will learn what it takes for a career in web development, as they complete projects and create their own website.