NOTE: This course is paired with either 3D Graphics/Animation or Video Production 2. Students can take Digital Media 2 as a stand-alone class but not when paired with Video Production 2, a student must also take Dig Media 2.

This is an advanced digital media course designed to teach the...

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This course is designed to teach the process of planning, instructional design, development, and publishing of digital media and interactive media projects. Students will focus on developing advanced skills to plan, design, and create interactive projects using the elements of text, 2D and 3D...

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Our vision is to see that every student receives the academic knowledge and technical skills needed to be successful in the technology and engineering career of his or her choice, by combining engineering principles, mathematics, and science courses that result in a logical thought process....

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Students will gain an understanding of the marketing and management principles necessary to start and operate their own business. They will develop an awareness of the opportunities for small business owners and develop the planning skills needed to open a small business.

Students will...

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This course is designed to provide students with a knowledge and project-based experience of fundamental gaming development concepts relating to STEM. These concepts include game design, scripting, a creation of digital assets, graphics resources, animations, understanding hardware, problem-...

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Our vision is to provide awareness and exploration experiences that motivate students to pursue a profession in healthcare. Once students are motivated, it is our intent to prepare students for continued education and/or employment opportunities in healthcare.

This course will provide students with core HTML5 client application development skills that will run on today’s touch-enabled devices (PCs, tablets, and phones). Although HTML is often thought of as a web technology that is rendered in a browser to produce a UI, this course focuses on using...

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Presents the processes, institution, and administration of criminal justice in the United States. Examines the crime problem and criminal law. Discusses criminal law, law enforcement, criminal prosecution, criminal defense, bail, the jury system, and sentencing. Explores the correctional system...

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Live Interactive courses are another way to earn both high school and college credit concurrently. These courses are broadcasted from UVU in real time to an ALC classroom but taught by a UVU professor. Courses fulfill G.E. and/or major requirements at most colleges and universities. Courses are...

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