In this two-course series, students will be involved in elementary educational experiences throughout the district. The series will include class instruction, guest speakers, visiting and observing classrooms, lesson prep, and instructional experiences, and students will be prepared to engage...

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This course will introduce students to various aspects of Unmanned Aerial Systems. It will cover basic drone flying operations, safety, useful applications for UAS, and the rules covered under Federal Aviation Regulations Part 107.


This course is designed to provide students with the basic knowledge & skills related to the video production industry. Includes instruction & hands-on assignments in the following areas: camera operation, recording audio, lighting systems, pre-production, production, post-production,...

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In this two-course series, students will continue to build on the professional film production skills received in Video Production 1 by making a feature film. Students will work together as a real film crew on all aspects of production. We'll cover the whole production process: concept, script,...

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Designed to provide students with the fundamentals necessary to plan, design, develop, deploy, and critique a website which includes images, sound, video, forms, and separates content from presentation. Requires students to demonstrate the fundamentals of web programming languages including...

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