Jr. High Day At ALC

Shelley heaton

Last week the ALC hosted a day for all the Junior High Schools in the Nebo School District.  The Junior High students were asked beforehand to sign up for 2 classes here at the ALC that they felt they would be interested in learning more about. The day of the event, those students were able to learn about the program in an in-depth activity that the teachers of those classes here at the ALC had prepared.

There were over 500 students that came that day. I think it was a great experience for all of those students who attended. We have had a lot of positive feedback.  

Smoking Effects Experiment

Shelley Heaton. Photos by Natalie Grant

The Medical Forensics Classes were able to learn how the habit of smoking can do serious damage to your lungs. The students were each given a water bottle and some cotton balls, along with a cigarette.

After the cigarette had emitted its contents into the water bottle, the students were able to see all of the tobacco residues the white cotton balls had on them in just a short amount of time.  It was shocking to most of the students how much harm tobacco can do to a person's lungs.

Dangers of Drugs

Shelley Heaton. Natalie Grant

The Medical Forensics, Anatomy and Physiology, and the Psychology/Human Development classes were all privileged to hear from Troy Hansen.  Troy Hansen comes each year to speak to the ALC students about his first-hand story of the dangers of drugs. How they can really affect the course of your life.

He did a Fantastic job!  It really made the kids stop and think about drugs and their effect. 

Thank, you Troy for taking time out of your schedule to teach these students the effects drugs can have on your life.


Dissections today in Anatomy & Physiology

Shelley Heaton. Natalie Grant

 Ms. Grants Anatomy and Physiology classes all look forward to the day they get to.......dissect hearts.

It is a job that is NOT for those who have feeble hearts or queasy stomachs. All of the students in the class did a great job and were all very engaged in the process of dissecting and were amazed at the intricate details that the heart itself has to it. There were so many little vessels and veins that have a specific function in order for a heart to work. 

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