John Lennon Tour Bus Releases ALC Recording

Shelley Heaton.

On May 1st, the John Lennon Bus came to the LAC to give a few of our students an opportunity to learn about music and then write a song, get it all planned and then film they music they worked together to create.

 The John Lennon Bus has just now released the finished product of the students who were able to be part of this experience here at the ALC: Grazen Breeze, Corrine Christensen, Alexander Davies, Matthew Moody and James Bronson.

Here is the link to the finished product. 


Shelley Heaton. Natalie Grant

If you were to walk through the halls this week, you would see many places throught our school with crime scene tape blocking off the area of many crime scenes.

Ms. Grant's Medical Froensics classes have been very busy preparing for their Crime Scenes.

The students grouped together to carefully plan out a crime scenerio, they took alot of time making sure the crime scene was realistic and would give the other groups things that they would have to be careful to take note of in order to solve the crime.  Then the fun began..... they got to set up their crime scene scenerio.

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