AdCap Challenge Winners Attends ALC

Shelley Heaton. Amy Ewell
Ms. Ewell's Entreprenuership class attended the Adventure Capital Innovation challenge last week in Salt Lake City. Students that go to the ALC that attended this event from her class were:
Jenna Awtrey
Shamara Britos Cancinos
Hyrum Devenport
Emily Monroe
Heidi Palomar
Tanner Pope
Tanner Peteson
Liz Ashcraft 
Oakley Palreyman


Natalie Grant, Shelley Heaton

THe EMR Classes were busy trying to make sure the added stress of school are not affecting the students, or the teachers health. They spent the day taking blood pressures to make sure that they not only knew how to  master this skill, but to make sure that students are still in good health.

 Once again, Thank you Ms.Grant for the hands-on experiences you give your students daily. 


The 3 Accuplacer Queens.

Shelley Heaton.

These three ladies have been very busy trying to make sure all the students that needed to take the accuplacer tests in order to place in a class, were given the opportunity. Since the start of summer up until today, these ladies have proctored more than 700+ units of math, and english to the students from the 5 different High Schools. 

All three, recently successfully completed and passed the ACCUPLACER CERTIFICATE OF TEST ADMINISTRATION test and are eligible to continue proctoring the Accuplacer tests at the ALC.



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