ALC Counselor Highlight

Shelley Heaton

Annette Pukahi is the counselor here at the ALC. With it being Counselor Week we would like to highlight Annette.  Annette has worked for the ALC since 2013. She previously worked at UVU before she came to the ALC.  She has 4 children, 3 sons, and 1 daughter.

Creative Ways to study Medical root words

Shelley Heaton. Photos by Natalie Grant

This week our Medical Terminology classes are learning different ways to study root words. It is fun to see how creative Ms. Grant gets in helping these students learn the words and meanings necessary to the students learning the knowledge they will need to succeed in the class.  


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Human Development class learns about The Developing Child

Ms. Keetch Pschy 1100, human Development class have been learning about the Developing Child in their class recently. This past week we were privileged to have a bunch of very cute, little people grace the halls of the ALC.

    • The students have been learning to explore child development, the biological and psychological changes that occur in children as they grow.


    New Teacher Feature Adam Barlow

    Shelley Heaton
    The ALC was lucky to have a new teacher this year, Mr. Adam Barlow.  Mr. Barlow teaches our Principles of Engineering and Engineering Design and Development Classes. 
    Mr. Barlow attended Brigham Young University where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Technology and Engineering Education. Mr. Barlow also has the following endorsements: Project Lead the Way Intro to Engineering Design, and Technology & Engineering Education. 
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