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15 Top-Paying Certifications for 2015

Submitted by alan.ashton on Tue, 03/17/2015 - 14:09

To gain refined skills and expertise and to increase pay, many IT professionals choose to pursue a certification.

Based on the findings of the 2015 IT Skills and Salary Survey conducted by Global Knowledge and Windows IT Pro in the fall of 2014, I've compiled a list of the 15 top-paying certifications for 2015. Certifications in IT security, networking, and systems management are at the top of the certification pay scale. What may surprise you are the business-related certifications holding their own on this year's list.

The rankings are derived from certifications that received the minimum number of responses to be statistically relevant. Certain certifications pay more but are not represented due to their exclusive nature. Examples include Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert (CCIE) and VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX).

With each certification, you'll find the average (mean) salary and a brief description.

The IT Skills and Salary Survey is a nationwide survey. Variations exist based on respondents' work location, years of experience, and company type (government, nonprofit, etc.).

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