November 2015

Halloween Jack O'Lanterns

Preston Powell

Every year ALC 3D Graphic and Animation students model, texture and carve pumpkins and place them in a spooky scene to be lit and rendered. This project teaches students how to work in a 3D production pipeline, going from concept to completion. This was a fun project and best of all no pumpkin guts to clean up. 

ALC EMR Under Pressure

Natalie Grant

Students in the EMR (Emergency Medical Response) course recently learned how to properly take blood pressure of fellow students, faculty, and staff at ALC.

ALC T-Shirt Contest

Brandon Arnold

ALC T-Shirt Contest.

Want to create the next cool t-shirt to be worn by millions of people.  We do too!  But in reality, it will be worn by hundreds of the best and brightest students in Nebo School District.  

To Enter do the following:

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