October 2017


Shelley Heaton, Annette Pukahi

There have been a few inquiries about the ALC Policies and Procedures. So here is a copy for your reference.


Shelley Heaton/ Brandon Arnold- Music by ALC Records

 With Halloween is just around the corner, our audio/recording students here at the ALC love Halloween and have compiled a Halloween soundtrack for you to play when those little spooks and goblins come trick or treating on Halloween night.

You can find this album, plus many other great albums, recorded by the students here at the ALC at:

Parent Teacher Conference And Open House Success

Shelley Heaton

Our recent Parent Teacher Conference/ Open House was a success. It was fun to see the students and parents come in, to not only talk to their teachers but to show off their school to their parents.  The night was filled with parents, grandparents, community members, and also District Employees.


Shelley Heaton

Mr. Alan Albright keeps his Teacher Education class hopping, and trying to do a balancing act, LITERALLY!

It is always fun to see what this class is doing next. They have had lots of guest speakers and recently did a team building activity showing each one of them how important it is to have everyone focused on the same thing in order to succeed. 

Thanks for all of your hard work in keeping these students engaged in learning, Mr. Albright.

Framed Art Given To Aviation Program

Shelley Heaton

 In day to day endeavors, it is always so refreshing to see those people who are constantly going out of their way to make people's lives better.  Two of these people are Ed and Janice Helmick.  

Ed and Janice are the kinds of people who are always looking to make life better for those they come in contact with.

Recently they surprised, Mark Halls Aviation Class with Framed personalized pictures of pilots flying over local areas, to hang in the new aviation room here at the ALC.

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