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Film Students go to Sundance

Submitted by anna.palmer on Fri, 01/31/2014 - 10:30
Story by Brandon Arnold, Pictures by Francesca Rotolo

Mr. Arnold’s Film Production classes took a field trip to the Sundance Film Festival last week. They watched films from Israel/Palestine, China, Japan, and Minnesota. They also ate food from Mexico, Belgium, and Germany. In doing so, students gained insights into other ways of life around the world, like a Palestinian double agent working for the Israeli spy agency. Or like boys in China who have been sent to rehabilitation centers for kids with internet addictions. Despite all of the cultural differences and standards of living, we learn that we all have emotions, needs and many other things in common.

Students also met with each of the directors who talked to them about how they made the films and why. One of the above pictures show the students with the Zellner Brothers, who directed "Kumiko: The Treasure Hunter."