Fuel Your School

Shelley Heaton, Lana Hiskey, Mikal Ann Byrd

The start of a new school year is always exciting.  Chevron proudly contributes to that excitement by announcing that our Fuel Your School program will be held again in 2017!


Fuel Your School is an opportunity for teachers to request materials and supplies for their classrooms by simply listing their needs on DonorsChoose.org beginning September 1, 2017.  In October, every 8 gallons fill up at a Chevron or Texaco station in your county will result in a $1 donation to DonorsChoose.org that will be used toward those requests.  Chevron is donating up to $750,000 to teachers in Ada and Canyon Counties this year.


Chevron’s Fuel Your School helps fund eligible classroom projects, including STEM projects. New this year, Student Life Essential projects and Student-led projects will also be funded.  The Student Life Essential Projects may include warm clothing, personal hygiene products,and food.  Student-led Projects allow middle and high school students to collaborate with teachers and have an active role in developing and submitting classroom project requests.

In 2016, projects for 124 teachers in the Nebo School District were funded in the amount of $92,437.  

This is an awesome program. For information please see the attached flyer