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Health Science Students Explore

Submitted by khristen.massic on Thu, 03/03/2016 - 19:25
Natalie Grant

The Health Science Classes have been very busy during the month of February.  

The first part of the month the students attended a field trip to Weber State University to visit their Health Science Program. The students had the opportunity to examine some plasticized organs and limbs and got to interact with the virtual cadaver - a 7-foot table with 3D renderings of CT and MRI images that allow students to apply their knowledge of anatomy to specific diseases and clinical conditions.  They also went on a tour of the campus, it was really cold but a wonderful time.
The Medical Forensic classes visited the Utah State Crime Lab, where they got to see first hand how Crime Scene Investigation is really done.  Students visited the different labs and were instructed on equipment and procedures of the Crime Lab.
This last week, the Anatomy and Physiology Students attended the University of Utah Cadaver Lab.  Here the students had the opportunity to be instructed on cadavers.  The U of U, has a wonderful donor program and are very respectful and thankful to the people and families that donate their bodies to science.  This was a wonderful experience for students interested in furthering their education in Health Sciences and possibly having a career in these different fields.

Pictured here are the students that attended the Cadaver Lab at Research Park on the University of Utah Campus.