John Lennon Tour Bus Releases ALC Recording

Shelley Heaton.

On May 1st, the John Lennon Bus came to the ALC to give a few of our students an opportunity to learn about music and then write a song, get it all planned and then film they music they worked together to create.

 The John Lennon Bus has just now released the finished product of the students who were able to be part of this experience here at the ALC: Grazen Breeze, Corrine Christensen, Alexander Davies, Matthew Moody and James Bronson.

Here is the link to the finished product.

We are so proud of these students and what they were able to create in just 1 day.


Here is a litttle background of the John Lennon Bus. 

 The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus presented by OWC is a non-profit outreach program established twenty-one years ago with the mission of giving youth a chance to express themselves through music, video and broadcast productions. It has been a living legacy to John Lennon's passion for musical expression and artistic freedom.

At a time when music education in the schools is facing togh funding challenges The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus has been a rolling testament to the enduring, positive power of music making.

Since 1998, the bus has provided free hands-on programs to hundreds of middle school, Jr. high and high school students, colleges and universities, Boys and Girls Clubs Music Festivals, Concerts, and other organizations.

The John Lennon bus encourages students to play music, write songs, shoot photos, engineer recording sessions, and produce video and live stream projects regardless of their level of expertise.