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Medical Forensic Classes Get into Details

Submitted by shelley.heaton on Wed, 10/02/2019 - 09:52
Shelley Heaton

People learn in different ways – hearing, seeing or doing. 

Visual – You learn by seeing

Auditory – You learn by hearing

Kinesthetic – You learn by doing

If you are a Visual Learner, you will learn best if you can see it. You love images, posters, charts, videos, diagrams, etc., and you like to take notes to help you remember.

If you are an Auditory Learner, you learn best by listening. You love a good discussion and listening to interesting stories to help you remember.

If you are a Kinesthetic Learner you need to use all of your senses. You prefer a hands-on approach to help you remember.

Ms. Hartvigsen knows this and she is always finding ways to help her students learn in order to succeed. Learning all the medical terms of things can be very difficult and so she is always coming up with creative ways. The Medical Forensic Classes got into detail drawing posters of all the body parts that a medical coroner would need to know for an autopsy. We have some amazing artists as well as Medical Forensics.

Thank you for giving the students in your classes such a great learning environment Mrs. Hartvigsen. 

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