shelley heaton-Annette Pukahi

ALERT - We have course changes to our Fall Master Schedule. Please see below.


1. COMPUTER IT BLOCKS - Not offering two different blocks. These will be the ONLY classes now offered for both IT blocks on the A day and B day.


A+ (Computer Hardware & Repair) - offered A1 & B2

Network+ (Sem 1) / Network Security (Sem 2) - A2 & B1


These classes will no longer have CE credit, but there are industry exams for these classes that students can take at the end of the year. If a student passes any, the district will reimburse half of any exam fees.




All Robotics 1 (or 2) combinations with Manufacturing Principles - being changed to Robotics 1 & Robotics 2


Principles of Engineering (B1) - Changed to Engineering Principles 1 & 2 (Sem1 & Sem2) -- CE through UVU - NO LONGER THROUGH WEBER. This is a 2nd year Engineering course but juniors/seniors can take this class without any prior engineering.


Digital Electronics on B3 (B4) - changed to Computer Integrated Manufacturing - non CE course. This course is also offered on A2. This class is for students interested in Engineering and enjoy hands-on learning. It is preferred that students have some CAD experience like with drafting or engineering or have taken either robotics or computer programming. HOWEVER, if students are in another Engineering course like Intro to Eng Design or robotics, then students will be fine.


Here is the course description:  This course introduces students to the fundamentals of computerized manufacturing technology. Students build on the solid modeling skills developed in any first year classes. Students use 3-D computer software to solve design problems. They assess their solutions through mass propriety analysis (the relationship of design, junction, and materials), modify their designs, and use prototyping equipment to produce 3-D models.