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Cable Car Challenge

Story by Khristen Massic

Students in the Introduction to Engineering Design classes started the year off with "The Cable Car Challenge". In teams of two or three, using only the materials provided, students were asked to design and build a device to move a small cube as far as possible across the room on a fishing-line cable. Check out picture #1 showing the "cable car" moving along the fishing-line in the upper section of the photo.

"Bloody" Gloves in Medical Forensics

Story by Natalie Grant

In Medical Forensics, students learned how to use proper hand-washing techniques and the importance of having a sterile working environment.  Then they donned gloves and got their hands all "bloody" to learn how to dispose of contaminated gloves without getting the blood on their hands.  Great students, great time!!!  Go ALC Medical Forensics!!! 

New Classes at ALC

Story by Anna Palmer

We are excited to be offering new classes at ALC beginning with the 2014-15 school year. In addition to those listed below, we are proud to say we are the only high school in the county to offer a face-to-face English 2010 course. Here are the new classes we are beginning to offer this year:

ALC Robotics

Video by Brandon Arnold

The ewoks have been hard at work in their robotics class.

ALC Students Swept State!

Students taking I.T. Challenge tests were recognized with awards based on test score comparisons across the state. ALC students received the following awards:

1st Place for Adobe Photoshop CS6 - Chandler Harris

1st Place for MTA Windows Server - Levi Madsen

1st Place for MTA Security - 3-way tie
Devyn Cyphers, Travis Heffelfinger, and Andrew Rollins

1st Place for MTA Networking - Levi Madsen
2nd Place for MTA Networking - Michael Elzinga

Part II: Utah Digital Media Arts Festival


ALC Digital Media student, Abe Hammond, created the only game in all the festival submissions that utilized 3D graphics. With that, Abe earned 2nd place in the Game category, for his game "Battle of Legend". What a wonderful accomplishment! Congratulations, Abe!

Utah Digital Media Arts Festival

ALC Digital Media students participated in the Utah Digital Media Arts Festival May 6th. The festival received around 300 submissions from around the state. Four ALC students placed in three categories. We congratulate each of these students on their award-winning entries! View the entries below.

3D Animation
2nd Place - Devin Eggleston "Troubled Skies"

Digital Video
2nd Place - Tucker Lund "Don't Be a Target"
3rd Place - Ruth Everett "Youth”

2D Animation
3rd Place - Tyler Anderton "Shields?!"

2014 Associate Degree Recipients

Story by Anna Palmer

Six ALC students have earned their associate degrees from UVU prior to graduating from high school this year. This is quite the feat considering these students completed high school graduation requirements simultaneous to earning this degree during the past four years. Congratulations to these super ambitious and brilliant students! They are well on their way to earning subsequent degrees.

From Springville High School:
McKenzie Armstrong
Mariah Rammell
Zack Petersen

Nebo Film Festival - May 15 - 6:30 PM

Story by Anna Palmer, Video by Brandon Arnold

Spanish 8-Watergardens Theater is hosting our 2nd annual Nebo Film Festival. The fun begins at 6:30pm on Thursday, May 15th. Admission is free. Check out a preview of some of the 41 submissions from around the district. Come join us at the Spanish 8-Watergardens Theaters on the 15th! Click here for a listing of the complete 2014 lineup.


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