Robotics Class Cannot Tell A Lie

Shelley Heaton- Khristen Massic. Photos by Khristen Massic

 Mrs. Massics Robotics classes have been busy playing with Electricity.  The Robotics students learned about electricity and Ohm's Law by creating parallel and series circuits with their bodies. A generator was used to generate small amounts of electricity so that students were able to feel the current flowing their bodies in each type of circuit. After learning about electricity including how to do circuit calculations, students then built their own lie detectors.  The students had a lot of fun building these and testing them out. 


Shelley heaton

With Registration coming upon us, The ALC is excited to announce we'll be moving to Salem, for the 2017-2018 school year!  We are thrilled about the move and can't wait for all the of the fun changes that will be put into play at our new location.  With the new space we'll be able to add more courses for next year, including Aviation, Manufacturing, Criminal Justice, and Teacher Education.  

National Counselor Week.

Shelley Heaton-Wade Tischenr

This week is National Counselors Week and we can't let it go by without giving a HUGE SHOUT OUT to our counselor, Annette Puhaki

If you haven't had the opportunity to meet Annette, you are missing out. She is fun to be around and her door is always open, ready to help students and faculty with any questions they may have or just lend a helpful and listening ear.  


Shelley Heaton

All of us here at the ALC would like to wish our Principal,

Wade Tischner,  a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY today!

Thanks for all you do here at the ALC to make our school what it is!

Have a great day!

More Scholarship Opportunities Available

Shelley heaton

Our counselor, here at the ALC,  is always trying to find those great scholarship opportunities to pass on to the students. Here are 2 more that she shared today.

 If you know someone who would benefit from this. Please pass on the information.



Shelley Heaton

Utah Career and Technical Education (CTE) Scholarships and Tuition Awards

 Who is eligible to earn a scholarship?

  Students seeking a one-year certificate, or a two-year associate or technical degree. OR  Students seeking to be a teacher in a CTE area (four-year program).

What schools offer a scholarship? Any how many scholarships are available?

 Dixie State University (DSU) 4

 Salt Lake Community College (SLCC) 20  

Snow College—Richfield Campus (SC) 2  

Digital Media Documentaries

Shelley Heaton. photo credit , Mr. Arnold's Digital Media Class



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