Guardian of Our ALC Galaxy

Shelley Heaton. Spoof poster Credit- Jordan Barney

This week's Spoof Poster is none other than our counselor, Annette Pukahi.  We thought this poster hit the nail on the head as far as the "Guardian of the Galaxy" part.

Mrs. Pukahi is very busy during this time of the year getting things ready here for registration. We are so glad to have Annette on our team at the ALC and appreciate all of the long hours and hard work she puts in daily, in order to get your students into the classes that best fit their needs.  

Robotics Light Show a Huge Success

Shelley Heaton

 The Robotics Department orchestrated a light show for the first time this year for Christmas. It was a huge success. It was fun for the students to not only showcase it to their families and friends, but to give service by opening up the light show to various Preschool classes, and to local Assisted Living Facilities.


Shelley Heaton

                                 WE JUST WANT TO OFFICIALLY WELCOME THE STUDENTS BACK ! 

It was quite the first day back, with all of the snowy weather. We are glad that students and teachers were able to make it safe and sound to school.  

We hope that all of you had a great Christmas Break and were able to spend time with your families. Hopefully the break was everything you wanted it to be.

We look forward to the remainder of the 2016-2017 school year, and are excited to accomplish great things with the time we have left.


Shelley Heaton and Preston Powell, 3-D Photo by student Chase Hacking


Have a Great break!


Shelley Heaton. Photo Miranda Hjorth

I"ll  bet you had no idea that the ALC has it's very own version of ELf ?!!?!!

If you didn't see our "ALC ELF" in your schools delivering goodies for all the good Administrators and Counselors, you missed out on quite a treat!  

Our Principal, Wade Tischner, was busy checking his list not only once, but checking it twice, to see who's been naughty or nice!

We hope you enjoyed his visit and we hope you know how much we here at the ALC, appreciate your support!

UVU Online Coding Courses for grades 4-12

Shelley Heaton, UVU

UVU wil be offering Online Coding Classes for grades 4-12 starting on January 18th, 2017.

Coding Courses prepare students for AP or Concurrent Enrollment Computer Science courses and provides a pathway to  extraordinary internships and great careers.

There will be Live Chat Support as well as After School tutoring where student can recieve one-on-one help for an additional fee.

The tutoring help will be offered at UCAS in Orem, on Wednesdays 4-5 PM, and also here at the ALC on Thursdays 4-5 PM. 

Dashing Through the Code- Daily Herald Front Page

Shelley Heaton- Daily Herald

    The Advanced Learning Center was featured on the Front Page of the Daily Herald today. It's a great article about our Code Girl event we hosted yesterday, and featured the Christmas light show our Robotics students orchestrated for the Holidays.

  "THANK YOU"  to Lana Hiskey for contacting the Daily Herald. Also, a big "THANK YOU" to Shelby Slade for coming to interview the students and for writing up such a great article honoring the work the students here at ALC have accomplished.

ALC Celebrates Computer Science Education Week by Hosting Code Girl Field Trip

Khristen Massic & Shelley Heaton

Today, the Advanced Learning Center hosted 200 junior high-aged girls in a field trip where they participated in the Hour of Code. As a way to demonstrate how code and programming is used in different applications, participants experienced the light show created by the Engineering & Robotics students and were able to watch bracelets get 3D printed. All participants earned a certificate for completing the Hour of Code as well as receiving more information on how to further their computer science education at home and at school.

It's Beginning to Look A lot Like Christmas

Shelley Heaton

A LOT of work and preparation has gone in to the Robotics Department Light Show adorning the halls here at the ALC.  These few pictures are just a sneak peak on what you will see when you come to experience this light show first hand. It is definitely worth your time to come check out what has been going on in the halls here at the ALC. 



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