The bus schedule for ALC has been updated again.  The Nebo Transportation Department has been great to work with and we appreciate their continued efforts to make the bus schedule for ALC work or all students who use it.  We are sure that their will be more changes as we increase ridership and have more learning opportunities at ALC.

The revisions this time are for the lunchtime routes for Maple Mtn and Springville.  Bus 05E will take students from ALC to Springville and Maple Mountain, and then the same bus will make the return trip going to Springville and then to ALC.

Concurrent Enrollment at ALC

ALC is working on getting approval for Concurrent Enrollment courses.  The process to gain this approval is rather lengthy and involves people from different departments.  This is a summary of the process.

What is ALC?

ALC or Advanced Learning Center, is a new Early College & Technical Center serving the Nebo School District that allows students to take advanced classes while staying enrolled in their resident school.    The dual enrollment allows a student to be involved in extracurricular and athletic programs at their resident school.  The slogan, "21st Century College and Career Readiness" defines what the school is all about.  Students who take classes at ALC will be better prepared for college courses as well as better prepared to enter the workforce, having learned critical skill


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