Kudos to Mary Anna Lowe

Article by Anna Palmer. Photos by Brandon Arnold.

In honor of National Custodian Day, we applaud Mary Anna Lowe, Head Custodian at the Advanced Learning Center. Mary Anna has worked at the building since 2007 and within the Nebo School District for twelve and a half years. Originally from Evanston, Wyoming, Mary Anna and her husband (who works at Taylor Elementary) currently reside in Payson where they have five llamas, four dogs, and one mule. Mary Anna, mother to three children, enjoys sewing, piece quilting, hunting, camping and caring for her eleven grandchildren.

Tear It Apart and Fix It!

Article by Anna Palmer. Photo by Richard Dougan

Today in Mr. Dougan's A+ Computer Repair class, twelve students tore apart a computer by removing all the inside pieces and then reassembling it. The students hooked the computer back up with the keyboard and monitor, then turned it on. After fixing a few glitches, the computer worked! SUCCESS!!


Screening of "Buck" & Meet the Director

Pictures by Ruth Everett, Story by Anna Palmer

Recently Mr. Arnold’s film students participated in a field trip to the Covey Center for the Arts. There they viewed a special screening of the documentary “Buck” hosted by Sundance Institute. This film was actually the Audience Award winner for the “Documentary” category at the 2011 Sundance Festival. Afterwards, students returned to ALC for lunch and an exclusive Q&A with Director Cindy Meehl.

Healthcare Career Fair 9/11/13

Article by Sean Curtis

Healthcare Career Fair 9/11/13

ALC students participated in a district-wide Healthcare Career Fair recently. In addition to visiting three healthcare professionals, students were able to suture pig’s feet, hold removed body parts, analyze medical scans, and dress up like surgeons among other things. Many different fields were represented, including:

Abi Hickman made it work!

Gaye Cook, Karen Wilcox

It wasn’t until the end of Abi’s junior year at Salem High School that she heard about ALC and Distance Learning.

2013 Utah IT Challenge

Utah State Office of Education would like to recognize the following ALC students for participating in the 2013 Utah IT Challenge on April 26, 2013. Way to GO! Braden Spendlove, Bradley Borget, Brittanye Messerly, Bryce Anderson, Chandler Dalton, Daryl Murphy, Gabriel Sampson, Jessica Ledbetter, Justin Wride, Mark Singleton, Michael Elzinga, Travor Garn, Brandon Hammons, Jason Petty, Skyler Knutson, Braxton Johnson, Tyler Hendrickson, Raidan Christopherson, Austin Lowe, Alex Parker, Tyler Smith, Jayden Worwood, and Brexton Orton.

ALC Students at the Utah High School Film Festival (UHSFF)

Article by: Brandon Arnold

ALC Films enjoyed a promising debut at the Utah High School Film Festival this year, taking home 5 awards in the following categories: 

5 Second Comedy: 1st Place, Collin House
Original Music: 2nd Place, Ruth Everett
Music Video: 2nd Place, Ruth Everett
Highlight Reel: 3rd Place, ALC Films
Animation: 3rd Place, ALC Animation Class

Congratulations to our hard working and creative students!

The Brains of ALC

Article by Sean Curtis. Photos by Chrystel Bardsley

The health science pre-medical students at the ALC are showing off their brains...literally. They recently completed their nervous system module with Weber State University and were asked to dissect and flag the important structures of an animal brain. The students were excited to give their learning a three-dimensional, hand-on perspective.Also, this was intended to prepare them, in addition to there many other upcoming dissections, for the annual cadaver lab field trip.

Sterling Scholars

We at the ALC would like to recognize and congratulate our students who were named as Sterling Scholars.


Business and Marketing: Melissa Olsen

Skilled and Technical Science: Ryan Johnson


Mathematics: Heather Sorensen

Computer Technology: Justin Wride


Computer Technology: Bradley Borget


Mathematics: Chet Oxborrow

Health Science Students Excel on State Skills Test

Sean Curtis

The pre-medical health science students had some celebrating to do at
the end of term 2.  At the end of the medical terminology course each
year, students have the chance to receive a certificate of proficiency
from the state of Utah.  This certificate can be included in their
college applications, scholarship packets, and resumes.   Needless to
say, it is a great accomplishment!  Mr. Curtis challenged the medical
terminology classes to receive proficiency certifications on their


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