Sterling Scholars

We at the ALC would like to recognize and congratulate our students who were named as Sterling Scholars.


Business and Marketing: Melissa Olsen

Skilled and Technical Science: Ryan Johnson


Mathematics: Heather Sorensen

Computer Technology: Justin Wride


Computer Technology: Bradley Borget


Mathematics: Chet Oxborrow

Health Science Students Excel on State Skills Test

Sean Curtis

The pre-medical health science students had some celebrating to do at
the end of term 2.  At the end of the medical terminology course each
year, students have the chance to receive a certificate of proficiency
from the state of Utah.  This certificate can be included in their
college applications, scholarship packets, and resumes.   Needless to
say, it is a great accomplishment!  Mr. Curtis challenged the medical
terminology classes to receive proficiency certifications on their

A new and exciting year at the ALC

This week students returned to the ALC from Christmas break. Our students have had a great 2012 year.

The film students created several short films including "Swamp Date." They filmed the State Championship football game. And have produced many school highlight videos.

Students in Mr. Curtis' class have participated in mock crime scene investigations and the processing of evidence. They have had hands on experience in many labs and exercises. One of which was the dissection of cow femurs .

ALC Pre-Med Health Science Students Dissect Femurs

Sean Curtis

Recently, pre-med health science students have gained valuable hands on understanding of the long bone anatomy. Mr. Curtis acquired a bundle of cow femurs that his students used to complete their human tissue and skeletal units. He split them into groups and had them identify multiple tissue types, all of the long bone structures, and had them discuss some of the relevant disorders. Who would have thought that a femur was so complex?

ALC students film State Football Championship game at Rice-Eccles Stadium

Brandon Arnold

Last week the students of ALC Films took a field trip to Rice-Eccles stadium to film the Spanish Fork Mighty Dons at their first ever State Championship football game. They had sideline passes to be on the field right along with the pros from KJZZ. They are now working on editing the footage and making a fundraiser DVD of Spanish Fork Football highlights. This kind of real-world experience will give our students a head start in their careers in the media industry.

Here is a link to the video:

High School Counselors take a tour of the ALC

During this months collaboration meeting, our districts high school counselors met to tour the Advanced Learning Center. The counselors were able to see firsthand the labs where students have the opportunity to progress beyond high school levels in college subjects, including computer science, film, digital media, animation, robotics, engineering and advanced health sciences. Throughout the tour, the counselors were able to learn how to best prepare students for classes at the ALC, namely by encouraging them to apply themselves in math, sciences and the arts.

ALC students carve 3D Jack O' Lanterns

Last week students in Mr. Powell's 3D Graphics and Animation class created 3D Jack O' Lanterns in blender software. They used their modeling, texturing, lighting and rendering skills to achieve the desired look for their ghastly creations. The results were spooky! Jack O' Lantern faces ranged from traditional to video game characters. The purpose of the exercise was to introduce the students to organic model techniques. While organic modeling can be difficult the students jumped right in and did a great job!

ALC students go CSI

Sean Curtis

The medical forensics students are currently learning about trace evidence.  In an attempt to get a hand on experience, Mr.

ALC Films: Swamp Date

Brandon Arnold

This month the students of Mr. Arnold's Advanced Video class took a field trip to the Provo River to shoot their first short film, "Swamp Date." Starring Taylor Curtis and
Madi Swenson, it tells the story of an awkward first date out on the river. Despite rumors of people disappearing in the area, the couple stick with their plans of an afternoon of canoeing. Watch the film to find out what happens!


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