Mr. Dougan's Lightning Machine

Story by Anna Palmer, Photos by Richard Dougan
Mr. Dougan's Lightning Machine

In Mr. Dougan's computer classes, students saw with their own eyes how electricity travels without wires -- wireless electricity. When a lightning machine is touched, electricity becomes grounded giving it a path of least resistance to travel through. This process shows how information can be sent through air, or in other words, how electricity travels wirelessly. 

Mr. Dougan

Story by Anna Palmer, Photos by Brandon Arnold
Mr. Dougan

Mr. Richard Dougan, our computer and network technician teacher, is in his second year of teaching at ALC. Born in Salt Lake City, Mr. Dougan grew up in Nevada, but has also lived in Hawaii, South Dakota, Wisconsin and England. He and his wife of thirty-four years, Elizabeth, have three boys and currently reside in Spanish Fork.

Materials & Processes Lab

Story and Pictures by Khristen Massic
Performing the experiment 1

Recently in our Materials and Processes class, Mrs. Massic assisted her students in conducting the lab, "Glass Bead on a Wire". 

Humanities 1010 Creative Projects

Story and Photos by Karen Wilcox
Lauren Hooper

During the first week of class, Humanities 1010 students were assigned a creative project. First, students decided which art form they would like to work with. Possibilities included writing a poem, short story, or one-act play; drawing or painting a picture; composing, performing, and/or recording a short piece of music; sculpting in clay, wood, soap or metal; or whatever medium they chose.

A Different Kind of Jack O'Lantern

Story and Photos by Preston Powell
pumpkin 5

Around Halloween each year, Mr. Powell’s 3D Modeling students create models of and carve pumpkins for the annual 3D Jack o’lantern competition. By completing this assignment, students demonstrate that their abilities to model, extrude and manipulate objects in a 3D environment. A few of this year’s submissions are shown. Not everyone gets to carve jack o'lanterns without touching slimy pumpkin guts! Lucky students!

One Minute Commercials

Story and Pictures by Anna Palmer
Gaff Tape Production

Recently in Mr. Arnold's TV Production 2 class, students were given the assignment of producing mock one-minute commercials. One group of students decided to endorse the wonderful features of gaff tape. Another group created their own faction and used the commercial to campaign for them. What creative students we have here!

EMS Students - Airway Management Skills

Photo by Sean Curtis. Story by Anna Palmer.
brushing up on airway management skills

Today EMS students in Mr. Curtis' class brushed up their skills for an upcoming airway management skills test. This test required proficiency in: Rescue Ventilations, Two-person Bag-Valve-Mask, Ventilations, Choking Patients, Suctioning, and Oral Airway Adjuncts. All students had to demonstrate that they were proficient with adult, child, and infant patients. Someday these students will be saving lives!

Parent/Student Reminders

ALC and UVU Distance Learning Fall Break is this Thursday and Friday, October 10th and 11th. Time to rest, relax, have fun, and a chance to get caught up in your studies.

UVU Concurrent Enrollment Students -- PLEASE bring in your Parent Permission Forms ASAP, if you have not yet done so.

And something else to remember . . . coming right up we have UVU Concurrent Enrollment 2014 Spring Term registration beginning Monday, November 4th.



Kudos to Mary Anna Lowe

Article by Anna Palmer. Photos by Brandon Arnold.
Mary Anna loves her job.JPG

In honor of National Custodian Day, we applaud Mary Anna Lowe, Head Custodian at the Advanced Learning Center. Mary Anna has worked at the building since 2007 and within the Nebo School District for twelve and a half years. Originally from Evanston, Wyoming, Mary Anna and her husband (who works at Taylor Elementary) currently reside in Payson where they have five llamas, four dogs, and one mule. Mary Anna, mother to three children, enjoys sewing, piece quilting, hunting, camping and caring for her eleven grandchildren.

Tear It Apart and Fix It!

Article by Anna Palmer. Photo by Richard Dougan
Tearing a computer apart.jpg

Today in Mr. Dougan's A+ Computer Repair class, twelve students tore apart a computer by removing all the inside pieces and then reassembling it. The students hooked the computer back up with the keyboard and monitor, then turned it on. After fixing a few glitches, the computer worked! SUCCESS!!



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