ALC Celebrates Utah College Application Week

Shelley Heaton. Annette Pukahi

This week the ALC has been holding their Utah College Application week. Our teachers have been sharing where they attended college, some of their experiences, as well as the importance for students to attend college. Our wonderful counselor, Annette Pukahi, has been visiting classes, giving information on scholorships, FAFSA, and different college choices.  She has specifically helped students in our English 1010 classes fill out college applications. She even put together a fun bingo game for all our students to try and mark off items pertaining to experiences at college.

ALC Staff Spoof Poster for November

Shelley Heaton. Photo by Mr. Arnold Class

The November "spoof poster" is of our custodian, Quinn Johnson. Quinn is new to the ALC this year.  He has enjoyed being here and has enjoyed getting to know the faculty and the students at the Advanced Learning Center.

ALC Team at Salem Witches 5 k Run

Shelley Heaton. photos by Natalie Grant

Last Saturday at 7:30 in the morning, members of the ALC faculty, along with family, registered and then lined up to take part in the Salem Witches 5k run.  

It was a beautiful day for a run and in some cases, a walk. The efforts of the ALC Team paid off with all team members winning a loaf of healthy bread and some yummy jam for having great team support the day of the event. Team members also won prizes from the drawing they had.  The ALC Team was by far the most energetic during the drawing.

3 D Jack O' Lanterns

Shelley Heaton & Preston Powell. Photos by students

This last week students in Mr. Powell's 3D Graphics and Animation class created 3D Jack O' Lanterns in blender. They used their modeling, texturing, lighting and rendering skills to achieve the desired look for their ghastly creations. The results were spooky! Jack O' Lantern faces ranged from traditional to cartoon characters. The object of the exercise was to introduce the students to organic model techniques. While organic modeling can be difficult the students jumped right in and did a great job!

Happy Halloween From the ASC

Shelley Heaton

The ASC, (The Advanced Senior Center), would like to wish you and your loved ones a Happy Halloween.

Today started out at 7:30 with the residents (a.k.a Faculty & Staff) enjoying a wonderful breakfast of fruit and cemebroulie french toast , prepared by our ASC chef, Gaye Cook.  There were also fun activites scheduled for noon time, including wheelchair races and bingo.

Our Resident doctor, Dr. Heston Warr, was on hand to supervise these actvities to ensure no one was injured during the races.  

Calling all Computer Savvy Females

Shelley Heaton/ Annette Pukahi. Photo by NCWIT

Attention all ALC female computer students,

Health Science Classes Tour Weber State University

Shelley Heaton. Photo by Miranda Hjorth

Yesterday, the Health Science students from the ALC, had the opportunity to tour Weber State University. The tour included not only the virtual cadaver lab, but also a tour to the newly built simulation lab.  The new simulation laboratory in the Dr. Ezekiel R. Dumke College of Health Professions is providing a greater level of realism for students pursuing degrees in emergency care & rescue, nursing and respiratory therapy.

Gandalf Dougan

Shelley Heaton. Photo credit Arnold's class

Mr. Arnold's Class has done it once again!

This week's faculty poster spoof is none other than our Information Technology teacher, Mr. Richard Dougan. 

They did a great job on this one! It is so fun to see how creative our ALC students are! 

Thanks for giving us something else to look forward every week.  You guys are amazing!


Criminal Justice Class takes a trip to Utah County Sheriffs Department

Shelley Heaton photos by Miranda Hjorth

Our Criminal Justice class took a field yesterday to the Utah County Sheriff's Department. They gained new information touring the forensics lab and the Search and Rescue Unit.  The students said that it was a fun learning experience and enjoyed having our secretary, Miranda Hjorth, on the field trip with them.   

The students have enjoyed this class and enjoy having Mark Robinson as their instructor.   

Who We Are, What We Do

Shelley Heaton

A lot of people ask me, "What is the ALC?"  "What Programs do you have there?"

Our flyer explains a lot of those questions people may be wondering about.

   What do we do?......... We help students reach their highest potential!


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