First Two Weeks

Shelley Heaton

   The first two weeks of school here at the Advanced Learning Center went off without a hitch. The students seemed to transition into the pace of learning here at the ALC without any difficulty.

    As a faculty, it is fun to watch, as 5 different high schools mesh together to create an atmosphere of friends learning and growing in their education together. It is a unique experience to witness these students grow into life-long friends and even attend each other's school functions, whether they are sporting games, choir concerts or even each other's graduation.  

ALC Hosts Interactive Open House

Shelley Heaton

The ALC held an interactive open house on Aug. 30 & Sept. 6th from 3-7 pm.  Parents and students were able to come and get registration and scheduling help for any students taking concurrent enrollment classes through either, UVU or Weber State University.  We cannot thank enough, the two ladies who spear-headed this open house to make it the success it was.  Huge shout out and thanks to Annette Pukahi, Counselor and Miranda Hjorth, Secretary/Registrar.

These lovely women spent countless hours getting students registered and enrolled into the classes.

New Face at ALC

Shelley Heaton

    The start of a new school year can be a bit scary, especially if you are starting a new school. As the students walked into the Advanced Learning Center on the first day of classes, they were greeted with a smiling face. It was also this person's first day at a new school.  This smiling face was our new Principal here at the Advanced Learning Center; Principal Wade Tischner.

He personally greeted each and every student as they walked through the doors on the first day of school, making each one feel welcome and happy to be here. 

Students Enjoy the New Student Lounge Facelift

Shelley Heaton

The ALC recently went through a change. The student lounge recieved a fresh new look with new paint and new decor. We sure hope the students enjoy the change of atmosphere. 

We will be annoucing details within the next week for a contest that is going to take place in the newly updated student lounge. Check back for more information! 

UDMAF Interactive Media Winner

Preston Powell

Kaleb Lott, won best in show for Interactive media (game design) at the Utah Digital Media Arts Festival. He had developed and tested his game over a period of several months. Game development isn't always easy, Kaleb can tell you that, but it has its rewards. Congratulations, Kaleb!

Utah High School Film Students

Brandon Arnold

The following awards were received at this year's Utah High School Film Festival which was held, April 19th:


Animation: Caden Brown, Honorable Mention
6 second comedy: Karson Crane, Honorable Mention
Original Music: Dakota Bradford, 3rd place
Original Music: Dakota Bradford, Tate Grimshaw, Ashley Brimhall, Brevin Hunsaker, 1st place
Movie Trailer: Dane Williams, 2nd Place
Lyric Video: Carlie Jaussi, Honorable Mention
Avant Garde: TJ Hollister, Riley Millstead, 2nd Place


Introduction to Engineering Students Design for Mini-Quadcopters

Khristen Massic

Students in the Introduction to Engineering Design course recently participated in the "Firestorm" Challenge.

Problem: "Wildfires have caused significant damage across the country and continue to plague much of the western United States each summer.  The federal government has issued a call for new technologies to be developed which will assist in the fight against wildfires."

Medical Terminology Students Hard at Work

Natalie Grant

Medical terminology students have been using various methods to understand and commit to memory the medical terms that will be necessary for a career in the medical profession. Students have played games like "Banagrams" and "Scrabble" to practice and apply their skills. Picture here, students are working together to learn terms for the Integumentary System.  

Grand Champion at CUSF!


Adam Syndergaard was named Grand Champion at the Central Utah STEM Fair. Adam is an ALC Engineering student in addition to taking several distance education classes through UVU.

His project was a 3D printed gas electron multiplication detector.  He is advancing to the next level of competition whcih will be held May 8th in Arizona. Congratulations!

Utah TSA State Conference

Khristen Massic

Students partcipated in the Utah Technology Student Association State Conference in the following events: Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Architecture (Ashley Brimhall & Christopher Wyllie), Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Engineering (Amanda Olsen & Jordan Wadley), System Control Technology (Corbyn Wallace, Davin Parish, & Spencer Jensen), Technology Problem Solving (Ashley & Amanda, Chris & Jordan),  and Technology Bowl (Corbyn, Davin, & Spencer).


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