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Calling all Juniors and Seniors for 2018-2019 school year. If you have good grades, good attendance and have currently taken or are enrolled in a CTE related class, internships may be another option for you.

Internships give students the opportuniy to explore carrers they are interested in, learn a variety of skills under the guidance of adult mentors, workin teams, solve problems, meet employers' expectations and create professional relationships. 


Shelley Heaton, Mark Halls, Ed Helmick

ALC has a new addition in our new building, and we are so excited for what this means for all of the students that this new addition will affect.  A redbird MCX full motion simulator, with a wrap around visual, configured as a Cessna 172 with traditional round gauges was brought and installed here at our school. Additionally four Redbird Jay Velocity PC type flight training devices have been purchased for the aviation program. For the 2018/2019 school year a Flight Simulator Course and Air Transportation Management will be added to the curriculum.

Building Beginnings Documentary

Shelley Heaton. Ronda Hair

ALC students, Tyler Austin, Isaac Hodson and Jesse Garcia, completed a mini documentary for Building Beginnings and Division of Workforce Services.  

Film Festival

The ALC wil be holding their annual Film Festival on May 15th. Here is the information;

ALC Film Festival 2018
May 15th, 7:00pm
Advanced Learning Center
161 E. 400 N. Salem, UT

Free Admission

View the Festival Lineup

Submissions due by May 10th, 3:00pm

Teacher Appreciation Week

Shelley Heaton

We have the most AMAZING TEACHERS here at the ALC. This week we wanted to honor them. We have had treats, dinners, signs and many other gifts to give them. We want to let them know that we appreciate all the effort and time that they put into the building of their students knowledge and hands-on learning experience to help them in the future. You will constantly see many of the teachers after hours helping a sudent that may be struggling or need extra help with a project. They always take time to help any and all students.

Vietnam Veteran Captivates Ms. Keetch History Class

Shelley Heaton

Caitlin Slade in Ms. Keetch's History Class, was excited when they started talking about the Vietnam War. She was excited because she has grown up hearing stories about that war, and she knows personally, a very special person, who gave time out of his life to serve our country in that horrible war.  That special person is her grandfather, James Slade.


Shelley Heaton. Julie Beveridge

 Code Camp was this past month and many of our students from the ALC attended. Code Camp is sponsored by the Mountainland CTE region, MTech, and Xactware. The students had 24 hours to design an application, create it, and  on top of all that, have working a working prototype.

ALC Students Attend Utah High School Film Festival

Shelley Heaton. Adriane Wilson

The ALC Students were able to attend the Utah High School Film Festival this past month. 

It was fun to see all of the entries from students around Utah. Our ALC classes walked away with some awards as well.

1st place award for comedy went to Simon Garner & Jaydon Hill.

3rd Place to Tyler Austin, Isaac Hodsen & Jesse Garcia for their documentary "Building Beginnings".

Nani Carson  & Ladd Davis Recieved and Honorable Mention .

John Lennon Educational Tour Bus At ALC

Shelley Heaton

The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus rolled into the Parking Lot of the ALC  bright and early at 6 am this morning.   The students and faculty here at the ALC were very excited to have the privelege of having the bus on our home turf.

 The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus presented by OWC is a non-profit outreach program established twenty-one years ago with the mission of giving youth a chance to express themselves through music, video and broadcast productions. It has been a living legacy to John Lennon's passion for musical expression and artistic freedom.

Fingerprint Lab in Medical Forensics

Shelley Heaton. Natalie Grant

The Students of Ms. Grant's  medical Forensics classes learned the depth and characteristics of fingerprinting. 

 It was a very informative lab where the students learned that no two fingerprints are the same. It was an indepth lab showing how every line in a fingerprint can be distingushed enough to make a person in question help get identified. 

Once again, Thank you for giving the students in your classes such hands-on learning activites.


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