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ALC Siege Machine Competition 2020

Submitted by amy.ewell on Thu, 12/31/2020 - 12:50
Adam Barlow
We are battling it out at The ALC!  The 2020 Siege competition is a mixture of Crush the Castle, Angry Birds, Statistics, and Projectile Motion Equations. Bring them all together with a spirit of competition and you get Mr. Adam Barlow's ALC Engineering Principles Annual Siege Machine Competition!
Students are challenged to design a siege machine that can launch a tennis ball in a range of 25 to 50 feet inside the ALC East commons area against another team. Their machine design must optimize accuracy, range, as well as reload to launch as quickly as possible. 
Once students have built their machine, they record and analyze data with inferential statistics combined with projectile motion equations. This analysis enables students to accurately predict trajectories to optimize their overall performance.
Students then face off in a double-elimination bracket for the glory of Siege Champion. Teams duel off by strategically building and positioning a box tower with a King, Queen, and Knight figure on top. The goal of the duel is to crush the opposing teams castle, winning by dethroning (knocking down) the opposing King, Queen, and Knight. 
After a series of nail-biting competitions, two champion teams came out on top in each class section. 
In the A-Day class, Team "Eminem's" including Max Whipple, Derick Bodily, and Ashton Wride came out as champions in a tense double-header championship game against Team "Tremor," including Kaidan Baird and Peter Burrows.
In the B-Day class, the team appropriately named "Team Name" including McKay Ewell and Mason Huff took the crown in an epic battle narrowly defeating team "Ford's" including Logan Rosema and Ryan Simmons.  
Congratulations to our champions and a huge thank you to Mr. Barlow for a fantastic challenge!