Brandon Arnold class.

The Advanced Learning Center is thrilled to announce a new album recorded by our talented students here at the ALC.  It is a tribute to Neil Young.

We knew that our students here at the ALC were talented, but "WOW!" This exceeds anything we have heard so far !

We are so proud of these students and look forward to many more songs in the future. 

One of the songs on the album is entitled You See Your Baby Loves To Dance, released November 15, 2016 featuring: 

Carson McNaughton - Vocals 
Abby Tischner - Violin 
Nic Nez - Harmonics 
Collin Lange, Nic Nez - Backup Vocals 
Carson McNaughton - Keyboard 
Brandon Arnold - Guitar, Bass, Keyboard

I'm sure you will enjoy it just as much as we do.  Here is the link to here this album, and to quote Mr. Arnold, "Free download, Oh yeaaaahh!!"


ALC Records just dropped a new album.