Shelley Heaton

On March 6th &7th, the ALC hosted and OPEN HOUSE for all of those who wanted to learn more about what our school has to offer.

The instructors of our classes, the staff, along with pilots from UVU, and even Miss Salem, were in attendance to answer any questions or concerns on what classes would be beneficial to help students succeed the best way possible. 

ALC Counselor, Annette Pukahi, was also available to help with scheduling questions.  If you would still like to register your student into one of our classes, please feel free to give her a call. (801)489-2833. She would be more than willing to help you out.

THe OPEN HOUSE was a huge success and we THANK ALL of those students and parents who came during the 2 nights.

We're excited for our new location in Salem, and feel that it will be perfect for the growth that we are hoping to have with our programs for upcoming school year.

We look forward to seeing your students in the 2017-2018 school year!