The Glue that holds it together

Shelley Heaton

Anyone that has ever walked into a school, worked in a school, or been a parent of a student in a school... knows that the person who holds the school together...the main person, who keeps things in tact... Is THE SECRETARY.   The same holds true at our school.

Our secretary holds many titles. She is not only the main secretary, she is the registrar, the finance secretary, the bus scheduler, the fill in substitute when there are no subs coming, she is the Amazon orderer, the class scheduler, the last minute conference lunch orderer....  And the list goes on and on.

Miranda Hjorth does all the things and many more each day.  But the thing that makes her stand her constant smile and her willingness to help anyone, anytime.

She is always happy. She always has a smile or a laugh to share. 

We are so thankful to have Miranda as our secretary here at the ALC. She truly is the "Glue that holds us together"

Happy Secretary's Day.  From the faculty and staff and the students of the ALC.