S. Heaton/ poster spoof by Brandon Arnold

Every one of us at some time in our lives will have to find a job and go to work. That is just a fact of life. Unfortunately, sometimes work can be just something you HAVE to do and the enjoyment may not be there. I know that I speak not only for myself, but for every employee at the ALC when I say that when we come to work each day it is not only a necessity for our lively hood, BUT IT IS AN ENJOYMENT! The person who is a very instrumental part of making it this way is our Principal, (Our Boss)..... Ben Ford!

The district has a theme this year about "never losing sight of your red rubber ball". Basically, it is the analogy that if you can take time out to enjoy the things in your life that make you happy, to take time out to enjoy time to play the sports, or things you love to do, then it will have an effect on your overall happiness and spill over into things like your work or school studies.  

Mr. Ford is one that understands this philosophy and he makes working at the ALC a very positive, fun-loving environment. He is the first one to have a cool head in any heated situation, and the first one to recognize and give acknowledgement to those who need to hear it. He has the students at the ALC best interest at the fore-front always! He makes every employee feel valued and appreciated.

We at the ALC are very LUCKY to have him as our Boss and are so glad that he chose to come even though I'm sure he wanted to stay and be with his son who was a senior last year at Payson High.

Ben Ford has brought the unity and the fun, to the ALC and we want to say THANK YOU!!  

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