The Santa Countdown Begins

Shelley Heaton

If you want to know if you are on the "Naughty List" or the "Nice List", all you need to do is come to the ALC.

Santa is sitting in his office that is housed here making his list. 

The students have been having a grand time, checking the list, and checking it twice, to make sure they are on the "NICE" list.  A few of us at the ALC may be in trouble because we have somehow managed to make it on the  "Naughty" List. (We will not name names, but they are aware of their status in Santa's eyes right now.)

Hopefully, before Christmas, they can get that changed so they do not receive coal in their stockings.

Don't forget..... He sees you when you're sleeping, and I have it on good authority, he has quite a few elves circulating the District and checking with the school principals and counselors to see how students are fairing this second term.

The Countdown begins