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Ally And Emily with their award

Congratulations to Ally Young and Emily Morril for taking 1st place in Forensic Science at the Science Olympiad in Cedar City this past Saturday, April 9, 2022. 

Ally compared this event to a track meet.  She said that students choose three areas to compete in, and students then answer questions related to that area. 

In Forensic Science students were asked to analyze a crime scene, students were given a list of suspects that went with the crime scene and they had to determine who the criminal was. 

Emily and Ally looked at hair in a microscope to determine if it was animal or human, Emily had to analyze powders.  The powders were heated up and she had to determine what type of powder was present.  Both had to answer a variety of questions dealing with Forensics from Forensic acronyms to DNA. 

 We are so proud of these two young ladies!

  Great job!!

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