Invest Nest

What is Invest Nest?

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Invest Nest is a Shark Tank style business pitch competition for all high school students in Nebo School District. Participants must create and develop their own ideas for a company to a panel of judges for a grand prize of $10,000!

Nebo’s first annual Invest Nest competition in the spring of 2023 was held with three district rounds before the state competition. Contestants were eliminated as the rounds moved forward, leaving only six to compete for the district grand prize.

The 2023 winner from Nebo was Bryson Ripley, with his business SilverWear Studios! He came up with the innovative idea to bend old silverware and keys into rings, creating unique and special pieces for every customer. What makes his company stand out from other ring companies, and helped him to win the competition, was his interactive website that enables customers to customize their silverware however they want, making the ring building experience more personal. Invest Nest was a great experience for him, as he states, “Aside from the financial support, competing in Invest Nest helped me dive deeper into my creative ideas and turn them into a legit business.” You can visit his website and order your own custom ring here at!

Invest Nest group photo

Nebo’s second annual competition will begin in February of 2024!  There will be three district rounds, with round one on February 1st, and round two on March 19th, both held at the ALC. The third and final district round will be on April 16 at location TBA. 

Bringing the competition to its end, is the state round where all participating districts send their winner to compete for the final time. This year will be held at Provo High School for a chance at an additional $20,000!

The time and details for each round will be announced as the date continues to get closer, make sure to fill out the sign up sheet and we’ll keep in touch!Bryson Invest Nest winner

You don’t need to be part of a business class to compete in the competition, we welcome all backgrounds and ideas to come participate! In past competitions we have seen a variety of ideas spanning from a script for a new play, raising and showing livestock, a cupcake store, and even a Minecraft server hosting company!


The purpose of invest nest is to awaken the entrepreneurial spirit of the youth


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