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whole class with cow eyes
partial picture of class with cow eyes for disection
cow eye on plate
student cutting into the cow eye
student lifting up flap of cow eye
two students with cow eye
female  student waiting for instruction
two students getting ready to dissect
picture of eyeball with scissors
student dissecting
pieces dissected
student dissecting
two students discussing dissection
picture of hands dissecting
student holdinng a cow eyeball
Student holding a dissected cow eyeball
dissected cow eyeball
picture of partial dissection

It is always something amazing going on in our Anatomy and Physiology class here at the ALC. This is without a doubt, pretty a pretty amazing lab that they had this week.

Have you ever wondered what the lens of your eye looks like, the optic nerve, or what is behind your eyeball?

Well,  the student in the class got to see up close and personally how eyeballs work.  They dissected a cow eyeball and looked at the many structures of an eye.

Thank you, Ms. Hartvigsen and Mr. Blake for being willing to have such amazing hands-on experiences for these students.

It never ceases to amaze me what comes out of that class.

These students are amazing and very dedicated to their studies. Way to go!


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Shelley Heaton, Suzette Hartvigsen