May 2022

Happy Last Day of School

Submitted by shelley.heaton on Fri, 05/27/2022 - 07:58

Well another year has flown by.

 We want to wish those who graduated best of luck with all of their endeavors in the future. It has been a pleasure having you here at the ALC and getting to know you over the past three years.

To those coming next year, we look forward to getting to know you and making great ALC memories with you as well.


SEE YOU NEXT YEAR.  2022-2023 will be a great year.

Shelley Heaton


Submitted by shelley.heaton on Tue, 05/24/2022 - 11:37


We just wanted to say Congratulations to the 487 seniors that attended the ALC this year. 

 We are so proud of you and the accomplishments you have made throughout your time spent here at the the ALC.

 You will be missed, but we look forward to seeing all that you will accomplish in the future.




ALC Business Student Earns $110,000 Scholarship

Submitted by amy.ewell on Fri, 05/20/2022 - 10:54

A HUGE congratulations to ALC and Salem Hills business student and senior Ehmree Johnson for her hard work and dedication.  Ehmree recently was awarded admission to the Pamplin School of Business and the University of Portland President's Scholarship in the amount of $110,000. This scholarship includes up to eight fall and spring semesters to complete her undergraduate degree. The total amount awarded per semester is $13,750. 

"The Pamplin School of Business focuses to provide students with an innovative, challenging educational experience that goes beyond business fundamentals to develop leadership skills and knowledge as well as opportunities to connect with the business community through internship programs." -PSB

Ehmree Johnson

Environmental Scientist Visits The ALC Food Truck

Submitted by amy.ewell on Sun, 05/15/2022 - 21:39

SNEAK PEEK! Our Nebo Bottle CAPS bus is nearing completion and we just hit a major milestone... WE PASSED OUR FINAL INSPECTION! We are so grateful to the Utah County Health Dept for working with our students on this bus conversion. Jay Schvaneveldt, an Environmental Health Scientist came out and spoke with our students about the importance of food safety.  He spoke to students about food safety rules and the various ways we can protect others from foodborne illnesses.  He even let one of our students test the temperature of our newly purchased sandwich top fridge!

Social Media Marketing Winners!

Submitted by amy.ewell on Sun, 05/15/2022 - 14:16

Congratulations to Mrs. Ewell's Social Media Marketing students who won their Stukent simulations!  Students in Mrs. Ewell's classroom have been competing all semester in a specially created digital marketing simulation to learn social media marketing best practices in a simulated real-world work environment.  This highly competitive, high-tech simulation, Mimic Social, is a social media marketing simulation designed to give students experience with platform-specific strategy.


Submitted by shelley.heaton on Mon, 05/09/2022 - 09:00

These amazing students have taken the required credits and courses to graduate not only from their home high schools, but  they are also scheduled to graduate from UVU with  an Associate Degree.

Those who choose to walk at UVU will do this on Friday May 6th.

We just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS to you and WELL DONE!


Collage 1 - Salem Hills / ALC  students featured left to right:

Row 1- Madison Heaton,  Malorie Hoover, Elizabeth Engle, Jonah Ellsworth, Kaitlyn Strobelt, 

Row 2- Bradford Rasmussen, Ashlyn Hutchings, Nathan Jordan

Row3- Ernie Burgos, Lexy Webster, Dasha Taylor, Makinley Butterfield,  Amanda Jones


Shelley Heaton

Andre The Giant Competes at First Robotics

Submitted by amy.ewell on Sun, 05/08/2022 - 21:44

For three days each spring, crowds gather at the Maverick Center in West Valley to watch an event unlike any other. Their interest? Forty-two industrial-grade robots, the product of three months of hard work from High School students around the country (and even the world). An excited hum runs through the crowd, backed by the symphony of power tools in the distance. After an enthusiastic countdown led by an energetic emcee, six robots suddenly spring into autonomous action collecting 9-inch tennis balls, aligning to a target, and shooting their collected cargo into a tiered series of four-foot-wide baskets. Some hopeful human players even attempt a half-court-equivalent basket of their own from the sidelines.

Sam Whitaker

Whitney Carter From the ALC Receives Educators Rising Teacher of the Year Award

Submitted by shelley.heaton on Thu, 05/05/2022 - 21:00

Whitney Carter, a teacher here at the ALC received a prestigious award. 

Whitney was awarded the Educator's Rising Teacher Leader of the Year for 2020-2021

Whitney teaches our Teaching as a Profession Classes, and her peers and the students she teaches all think the world of Whitney. She is truly amazing at everything she does. This award was well deserved.

Here is the write up that was announced at state conference: 

Shelley Heaton

ALC Student Awarded Cadet of the Year for Utah and Rocky Mountain Region

Submitted by shelley.heaton on Wed, 05/04/2022 - 13:11

One of our ALC students was awarded with the Air Force Sergeant Association’s Cadet NCO of the year for , Utah Wing and Rocky Mountain Region.

Kayson Brinkerhoff was awarded this award at a banquet this past month.  

Kayson has been in the position of Cadet First Sergeant in my Squadron  for at least six months.  He is one of 8 in the entire US to get this award, and it is truly and honor. 

Kayson is a Junior at Spanish Fork High School,  he also attends the aviation classes here at the ALC.



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Shelley Heaton. Tammy Olsen. Photos by Kayson Brinkerhoff


Students Graduate with General Education Certificate from UVU

Submitted by shelley.heaton on Wed, 05/04/2022 - 09:04

Shout Out to these amazing students that will  be graduating not only from  their home high school, but are also scheduled to graduate with their General Education Certificate from UVU as well.

We are so proud of these students!

Collage 1- Maple Mountain/ ALC students, top left to right:   Aspen Hawk, Jacie Winn, Brooklyn Perry

Collage 2-Spanish Fork/ALC student: Isaac Woodbrey

Collage 3- Springville /ALC students:  Paige Ballard, Reese Chrisman

Collage 4- Payson/ALC students: Brielle Shirley, Mary Bennion, Logan Kennard

Shelley Heaton