Concurrent Enrollment at ALC

Submitted by alan.ashton on Mon, 09/17/2012 - 11:23

ALC is working on getting approval for Concurrent Enrollment courses.  The process to gain this approval is rather lengthy and involves people from different departments.  This is a summary of the process.

1. ALC teacher fills out CE application, and provides a syllabus, resume, and transcripts.
2. Principal reviews and signs.
3. District CE director reviews and signs.
4. UVU CE department reviews the applications and does one or all of the following.
    A. Sends application to college department for approval
    B. Sends app back to school for more information and/or clarification
    C. Matches school course with available UVU course, sends to college department
5. The UVU College then reviews the teacher application and either approves or denies the application.  If the application is approved, the course will be available as a CE course the following semester.  If it is denied, the school can then ask for a "first right of refusal", and look to other institutions to fulfill the CE credit.

Currently we have the following courses approved for CE credit during Fall semester:

  • Math 1010  (UVU)
  • Anatomy & Physiology (WSU)
  • Medical Terminology (WSU)
  • Emergency Medical Services (UVU)

For Spring Semester we have approval for the following courses

  • English 1010 (UVU)
  • Pysch 1100 (UVU)
  • Multi Media II (UVU DGM 1110, Approved Oct 2012)
  • Computer Programming II (UVU CS1400, Approved Nov 2012)

We are waiting for approval on all other classes.  We are working through the UVU CE department to match our classes up with as many UVU courses as we can before we go to other institutions.  The CE department has been very helpful through this process and has opened many doors for ALC on the UVU campus as we work with the departments to get our classes CE approved.
One of the biggest challenges we encountered was the application deadline.  CE Applications for the fall semester were due March 1, 2012, two months before we were able to hire teachers.  As we worked with the CE department it was suggested to have all applications in by the Fall deadline of Sept 15, and get the courses approved for spring semester.  ALC has turned in all applications and should have information back by the end of October.

Students who are currently enrolled in classes that have the potential for CE credit will be given the opportunity to sign up for that credit during UVU's spring semester.  ALC teachers will let students know when this enrollment period is and information will be posted on the website.