UVU and ALC Graduation Celebration

Submitted by amy.ewell on Fri, 04/30/2021 - 10:38

The ALC was excited to have a graduation celebration for our students who completed all requirements for either their Associate Degree or General Education Certificate. At the celebration we continued the tradition of having something good to eat, meeting the other students from the graduating class, and writing student names on the Live Interactive classroom windows. 

In order to obtain an Associates Degree or General Ed Certificate, high school students must take a series of rigorous Concurrent Enrollment (CE) college classes to meet university requirements.  Concurrent Enrollment is an academic program involving high school and college collaboration that allows qualified students to earn college credit by taking college courses taught at their high school.  Courses include upper level core classes, as well as electives. 

These students will definitely have an advantage as they begin their college career.  Meeting these basic requirements will allow them to engage in their career pathway at a faster and more cost effective rate.  Did you know that students pay only $5 per college credit while in high school?  Taking CE courses while in high school is definitely a win-win for students.  You can learn more about taking Concurrent Enrollment in highschool by visiting: https://sites.google.com/nebo.edu/alcce/home 

Graduating students include:

Associates Degree

  • Jocelyn Baker MMHS
  • Jonah Beutler MMHS
  • Ashley Biesinger MMHS
  • Dirk Braby MMHS
  • Taylar Brittain MMHS
  • Ariana Hammer MMHS
  • Spencer Jackson MMHS
  • Keala Kauwe MMHS
  • Andrew Nugent MMHS
  • Raquel Teasdale MMHS
  • Abby Jaussi PHS
  • Bayden Adamson SHHS
  • Chandler Carson SHHS
  • Rebecca Gunderson SHHS
  • Reagan Henderson SHHS
  • Hayden Ingram SHHS
  • Maddy Quist SHHS
  • Caiden Richards SHHS
  • Ammon Wallace SHHS
  • Sam Whitlock SHHS
  • Kayla Bevan SFHS
  • Katelyn Gappmayer SFHS
  • Katana Jensen SFHS
  • Maisy Reid SFHS
  • Clark Allen SFHS
  • Logan Chournos SFHS
  • Gage Chrisman SFHS

Gen Ed Certificate

  • Annelise Hunter MMHS
  • Ryan Wall MMHS
  • Olivia Adams SHHS
  • Jacob Ashmead SHHS
  • Kamryn Griffin SHHS
  • Makayla Hubbs SHHS
  • Cassie Johnson SHHS
  • Anna Linford SHHS
  • Brady Pitts SHHS
  • Maddy Quist SHHS
  • Jessica Dempsey SFHS
  • Brinley Maughan SFHS
  • Halle Wendel SFHS

Good luck class of 2021! You have great adventures awaiting you.

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Brenda Betteridge