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Online Education in the State of Utah

Students have many options for online courses.  The Utah State Office of Education has a web page that explains the process.  USOE - Public Online Education

The Nebo School District offers classes through Utah Students Connect.  You need to be registered through your Nebo boundary school.  Please visit with your school counselor or with the online lab facilitator at ALC for more information about any of the online options available to students in the state of Utah.


Online Classes Available through Utah Students Connect with Lab Access at ALC.  Make sure you check Schedules on the UTSC website to see what classes are offered each semester.

English 9

English 10

English 11

English 12

Secondary Math I

Secondary Math 2

Secondary Math 3

Earth Systems



Chemistry (No Lab)

Geography for Life

World Civilizations

U.S. History 2

U.S. Government & Citizenship

Art Foundations 2

Art History and Criticism

Spanish 1

General Financial Literacy

Digital Literacy

Secondary Math 2 Honors

Secondary Math 3 Honors

Individual Lifetime Activity



Computer Tech (Literacy)

Participation Skills and Techniques (9th grade PE)

Health 2

Fitness for Life

Driver's Education (Coursework only)