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Bus Schedule

Bus Schedule - Maple Mountain High

  Bus # Depart MMHS Arrive ALC
MTWThF 17 D 7:45a 7:58a
    Depart ALC Arrive MMHS
TWThF 16 I 10:37a  10:50a 
Mon 16 I 10:17a 10:30a
    Depart MMHS Arrive ALC
TWThF  01 A 11:45a  12:00p 
Mon 01 A 11:25a 11:40a
    Depart ALC Arrive MMHS
TWThF Mon 15 B 2:27p  2:41p 
Mon 15 B 1:47p 2:01p

Bus Schedule - Payson High

  Bus # Depart PHS Arrive ALC
MTWThF 05 H 7:45a 7:56a
    Depart ALC Arrive PHS
TWThF 19 B 10:37a  10:48a
Mon 19 B 10:17a 10:28a
    Depart PHS Arrive ALC
TWThF 19 B 11:49a  12:00p 
Mon 19 B 11:29a 11:40a
    Depart ALC Arrive PHS
TWThF 08 J 2:27p 2:38p 
Mon 08 J 1:47p 1:58p

Bus Schedule - Springville High

  Bus # Depart SHS Arrive ALC
MTWThF 10 E 7:45a 8:05a
    Depart ALC Arrive SHS
TWThF 15 F 10:36a  10:55a
Mon 15 F 10:17a 10:36a
    Depart SHS Arrive ALC
TWThF 15 F 11:38a 12:00p
Mon 15 F 11:18a 11:40a
    Depart ALC Arrive SHS
TWThF 19 F 2:27p 2:45p
Mon 19 F 1:47p 2:05p

Bus Schedule - Salem Hills High

There will be no bussing to and from Salem Hills due to our new Salem location.

Bus Schedule - Spanish Fork High

  Bus # Depart SFHS Arrive ALC
MTWThF 13 E 7:45a 7:55a
    Depart ALC Arrive SFHS
TWThF 05 C 10:37a 10:45a
Mon 05 C 10:17a 10:25a
    Depart SFHS Arrive ALC
TWThF 05 C 11:50a 12:00p
Mon 05 C 11:30a 11:40a
    Depart ALC Arrive SFHS

20 J

2:27p 2:35p
Mon 20 J 1:47p 1:55p
  • Schedules and routes are subject to change in response to use.
  • Plan on being a few minutes early to the bus stop, as the bus only stops at each location for a few minutes to load and unload.
  • Bus stop times are an estimate and may vary by 10 minutes based on traffic and weather.
  • After school buses from the ALC will not arrive back at home high school in time to catch buses to neighborhood routes.