LIVE INTERACTIVE (UVU College Classes from a Distance)

Live Interactive Classes- UVU COLLEGE CLASSES

Live Interactive courses - UVU CLASSES FROM A DISTANCE - 

Suggested Grades: 10-12
Prerequisites: None

Live Interactive courses are another way to earn both high school and college credit concurrently. These courses are broadcasted from UVU in real time to an ALC classroom but taught by a UVU professor. Courses fulfill G.E. and/or major requirements at most colleges and universities. Courses are not on the Nebo School District schedule and calendar, which makes it a little harder to fit in a normal high school A/B schedule but still very doable, especially for your senior year. Please talk to our ALC counselor for additional information and questions.

We currently offer over 25 courses each semester. Go to our ALC website at: for a current list of classes and course descriptions. Here are some of the offerings that fulfill HS core graduation requirements:

ART 1010 - Introduction to Visual Arts ENGLISH 1010 - Intro to Writing MUSC 1030 - American Popular Music

ASTR 1040 - Elementary Astronomy ENGLISH 2010 - Intermediate Writing POLS 1100 - American National Government

BIOL 1010 - General Biology GEOL 1010 - Introduction to Geology THEA 1013 - Introduction to Theatre

COMM 1020 - Public Speaking METO 1010 - Introduction to Meteorology THEA 1023 - Introduction to Film

COMM 1500 - Mass Communications MUSC 1010 - Introduction to Music

To schedule these classes, please talk to our ALC Counselor.


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