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February is CTE Month. The CTE Students of the Month are as follows:

Mr. Talbot (IT/Computer Repair) selected Joe Rogers. Last year Joe took my PC Repair class and passed the certification test.  This year Joe works in the RepairWare Shop and fixes chrome books for the district and other devices that people send in for repair.  Joe is very good at fixing devices and takes pride in the repairs that he makes.  He is gaining great knowledge and skills that will help him in his future I.T. endeavors.  This year Joe took the Network Fundamentals class and is currently taking the Cyber Defense CE class, where he is learning how to set up computer networks and how to keep them safe from hackers.

Mr. Hawks (Building Construction) selected Sadie Barben, from Payson High School. “She is very dedicated to learning, is talented, and is interested in accomplishing what is required in the class. She is also interested in a career that includes architecture and understands the benefit of all of the things she learns in our class that will help with that. She is an excellent student and is very capable in real world building as well.”

Mr. Bowman (Robotics/Manufacturing) selected Jonas Woodland. “Jonas is a great student who always works hard. He has an awesome sense of humor that always makes his classmates smile. He's dedicated to always finding a good solution, regardless of how difficult or hard it may be. He's a student every teacher would want to have!”

Mr. Barlow (Engineering) - selected Eli Chacon, he said, “Eli has been an exemplary student in all my classes. He is in the Engineering Principles and the Capstone class. He has been a great leader in the classroom and in teams of students. He has a drive to problem solve and overcome obstacles with his technical skills. He is a joy to have in class and the other students love working with him.”

Mrs. Hartvigsen (Health Science) - selected Alyssa Butler. “Alyssa always comes to class with a positive attitude and a willingness to learn.  Alyssa is inquisitive and works hard to understand the concepts taught.”

Mr. Adams (Automotive Repair) -  selected Blake Sumision because he is a very hard worker, always willing to help others, and once he finishes a task he is ambitious for another.

Ms. Wilson (Architecture) - selected Isaac Thurman. “He is a great student who works really hard and has a genuine interest in architecture. He is hardworking and dedicated. He has a great attention to detail. Additionally, he is very helpful to the other students in the class and is always willing to help.”

Mr. Ford (Business) -selected Kaydance Harris. “She is a great student who always shows up with a smile on their face. Kaydance is a great worker who does all the work that is assigned. I have enjoyed having Kaydance in my class throughout this year.”

Congratulations to these students. Way to Go!

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