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ALC Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend the ALC?

High school students, enrolled in grades 10-12, who reside in the Nebo school district boundaries can attend the ALC.  Non-Nebo Attending Students (ie: Charter School, Homeschool students are also welcome to attend, but must enroll in Nebo School District.  If interested in enrolling to take ALC courses please go to the following link  

What is the Bell Schedule?  (We are on the 5 x 5 Block.)

Our bell schedule is similar to other high schools in Nebo school district.  ALC operates on an A/B block schedule with 5 periods each day.  Classes are held during periods 1 & 2, and 4 & 5.  For students attending Salem Hills or Spanish Fork, period 3 is used for travel time between the ALC and the high school.  ALC Bell Schedule.

Is transportation available?

YES! There are Nebo school buses that run to and from Payson, Springville, Maple Mountain and Spanish Fork High Schools. Buses run before school, during lunch (or 3rd period), and after school.  ALC Bus Schedule   Schedules and routes are subject to change in response to student use. Plan on being a few minutes early to the bus stop, as the bus only stops at each location for a few minutes to load and unload.  PLEASE NOTE:  If your student is attending afternoon ALC classes, the afterschool bus will not arrive at the home high school in time to catch buses to neighborhood routes. Parents will need to make arrangements to either pick the student up from the high school or at the ALC. Otherwise, students should take classes in our morning block instead.  Salem Hills High School students are within walking distance to the ALC, no bus transportation is provided.

What are the course offerings at the ALC?

The ALC offers three different types of classes:

  1. CTE, CE or Early College Classes (face-to-face)    ALC Course Offerings
  2. UVU Live Interactive Classes (Distance Learning)

What is Concurrent Enrollment (CE)?

Concurrent Enrollment is a state-wide partnership, allowing high school students the opportunity of earning both college and high school credit concurrently while taking college courses by approved high school teachers. These college credits are transferable to most state colleges and universities and become part of the students permanent college record.  Over 90% of our ALC courses are Concurrent Enrollment with either Utah Valley University or Weber State. Learn More

Tuition cost for CE is $5.00 per credit and paid directly to the University. There is also a one-time admission fee. The fee for UVU is $35.00, and Weber State is $30.00.

Homeschool students wanting to enroll in Concurrent Enrollment Classes will also need to follow UVU's Homeschool policy - more information here

What is UVU Live Interactive (Distance Learning)?

Live Interactive is another way for students to earn college credit through Concurrent Enrollment. However, these courses are broadcasted in real-time from UVU to an ALC classroom and taught by a UVU professor. Students can see their professor on a screen and communicate with him/her through a microphone. These classes are not scheduled on Nebo’s calendar or school day. They are offered instead on MWF or T/TH throughout the day. Please work with our ALC counselor on how these classes would work with your high school schedule.

How do I enroll for Concurrent Enrollment or Live Interactive?

If students have never participated in CE or Live Interactive before, you will FIRST need to be admitted to the college your courses are through. THEN you can register (or sign up) for classes.

PLEASE NOTE:  All ALC Concurrent Enrollment courses are through UVU except for some of our Advanced Health Science courses, which are through Weber State University.

Does ALC have any additional costs?

If you are a student in Nebo school district, there is no cost to take classes at the ALC.  All student fees are paid back at the home high school. There may on occasion be a class or lab fee for supplies. Any costs associated with Concurrent Enrollment or Live Interactive are paid directly to the University and are the student's responsibility.

When can I register for classes?

When your high school has its registration kick-off in the Spring, ALC courses should be a part of that registration process.  You can find the ALC Course Request Document Here. If you have any questions, please contact the ALC Counselor or visit your High School Counselor.