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We would like to introduce you to our February ALC Students of the Month. These are amazing students.  Congratulations.

Nominated by- Ms. Paystrup -English and Communications:

Alyssa Pollock:  Alyssa Pollock is unafraid to challenge herself intellectually.  She consistently turns in quality work and is insightful during class discussions. She often gets the rest of the class engaged in discussions by being the first to add input, yet she isn’t a discussion hog either. Alyssa is an example of a student who owns the responsibility for her own education and has no fear of showing that to other students.

Colton Marker: Colton is steady and hardworking.  He is fully engaged in class and shows his intellectual curiosity.  Independent and honest, he asks meaningful questions and isn’t worried about looking dumb . . . or looking too smart, for that matter.  He appears unworried about what his classmates might think—simply setting an example of what being a true scholar means. I always appreciate his input in discussions and lessons, as well as his consistent work. 


Nominated by  Ms. Gurley-English:

Karson Carter: Karson is always eager to learn and has excellent participation in class. He is very responsible and consistently puts forth his best effort to succeed academically. He is respectful. His teachers and fellow students appreciate his positive attitude and consideration for others. Karson takes every day with an open attitude which helps him build his knowledge and investigate new ideas. It is a pleasure to recognize Karson as student of the month.

Myah McClellan: Myah is an incredibly talented thinker who also happens to be somewhat shy. She wants her writing to be perfect! Myah is an exceptionally bright student and is able to look outside of " the box", and her ethic and honesty are impeccable. She is a thinker and tackles hard topics. It is a pleasure to honor Myah as student of the month .


Nominated by Ms. Keetch - History, Psychology, and Sociology:

Mikel Miles Artola: Mikel is in my American History course. He is a great all around student. He is always prepared for class. Mikel is there with a question. He goes the extra mile in his projects. And is a good leader amongst his peers.  He has a very open view of the world around him. Miles Artola

Isis Perez Hueramo: Isis is a good student. Isis has taken multiple courses with me.  She is very active with her family. And she is very involved in her school theater department. She is always there to work through every angle. Isis has a grasp of the macro angle. She works hard at various jobs. From working at a restaurant to volunteering. She is passionate about the future. 

"CONGRATULATIONS" to these students. Way to go!


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