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The ALC January Students of the Month are nominated this month by, Mr. Powell, Mr. Ford, and Mr. Eastmond.

They are as follows:

Nominated by- Mr. Powell-Graphics & Animation:

Vaughn BushVaughn attends class with a spring in his step. He is positive, and kind, and works hard to meet his goals in class. He accepts critique and feedback with resolve and determination to do better. Although he is a quiet student his good work and determination speak volumes.

Haven Clark: Haven is a ray of sunshine where ever she goes. She is very proactive, works hard, is kind, and solves problems creatively with a smile on her face. Haven strives to do more and be better every day and it is evident in each project she works on.


Nominated by Mr. Ford-Business:

Hazel Gunn: Hazel is a very bright student with a fun personality. She constantly asks good questions and keeps class conversation moving in a productive way. Hazel is a delight to have in class and a great student. 

Bayler Broadbent: Bayler is a great student who always has an intelligent answer to any question. Baylor is the kind of student every teacher wants in their classroom, always has something of value to add to any conversation or lesson. He has a fun personality and makes friends with all the others in class. 


Nominated by Mr. Eastmond- Computer Programming:

Maria Sion: Maria always comes to class with a great attitude!  She works diligently to learn to program and asks great questions. It is a pleasure to have Maria in class!

Matthew Walker: Matthew is a diligent and hard-working student.  He has great "What-If" ideas and pursues programming opportunities in addition to what is required in class.  He has created several additional programs that demonstrate his willingness to excel!

"CONGRATULATIONS" to these students. Way to go!


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