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We would like to introduce you to our March ALC Students of the Month. These are amazing students.  Congratulations.

Nominated by- Mr. Hawks- Construction

Jazmin Castano:  She is hard working and interested in how the different components of a house are designed and put together and is attentive to details. She is dedicated to doing a good job and also works well with others in the class. She is also able to adapt and do new things that she has not done before.

Landon Garrettt:  Landon is very capable and is able to understand the reasoning behind our methods of construction. He is also ready to offer explanation or ask a question on how he views the steps we take and the end result. He is very aware of the purpose of building and who is going to benefit from what they learn and who is using the end product.


Nominated by  Mrs. Hansen- Teacher Education:

Kristine Bartholomew: 

Kristine is a perfectionist! I am the teacher in TAP 3, but she has taught me more than I have taught her. Through class room activities and conversations, I have learned about ChatGPT, junior high-class rooms, poetry teaching techniques, Questival, psychology theories, personality tests, styles of dance, and the list could go on. She is thorough and creative with all her assignments. (Which have been many digital application assignments.) She chose to attend the state Educators Rising Convention and compete in the Children’s Literature book writing competition. She didn’t win, but the judges told her she should have her book published. I continue to appreciate having Kristine in class.

Kory Anderson: 

Kory is a details guy! He remembers everything! He helps me remember what I did in class yesterday!

He is a whiz at math and numbers. He has been most helpful to all the students in class as they work to submit their digital assignments on Canvas. He is on time to class every day, and works to complete every assignment in a timely manner. His assignments, of course, have had every detail included in them. I know he works diligently on his school work, and he also has had several part time jobs this year, in his pursuit of becoming an independent adult. Thanks Kory for being a part of our TAP 3 class.


Nominated by Mr. Talbot- IT Computer Repair

Joe RogersLast year Joe took the PC Repair class and passed the certification test.  He is now certified to repair computers and mobile devices.  This year Joe works in the RepairWare Shop and fixes chromebooks for the district and other devices that people send in for repair.  Joe is very good at fixing devices and takes pride in the repairs that he makes.  He does not back down from a challenge and enjoys taking on the more difficult repairs. He also listens well to the customers’ needs so that he can correctly repair their devices. He is gaining knowledge and skills that will help him in his future IT endeavors.  This year Joe completed the TestOut Network Fundamentals Certification and is currently taking the TestOut Cyber Defense class, where he is learning how to set up computer networks and how to keep them safe from hackers.  Joe runs his own computer repair business and enjoys meeting new people and helping with their technology needs.

Jasmin Flores: Currently Jasmin is taking the TestOut PC Pro class.  Jasmin is new to the computer repair world, but she works hard to complete assignments and is a great student.  Jasmin does what is asked of her in class and always does her best.  She has a fun personality and likes to joke and make the class fun.  A few things about Jasmin are: she has a cat named Sushi, she likes to collect small figurines.  Math is her favorite subject in school.  She is the youngest of 5 children, and plans on attending the University of Utah after high school.  Like I said before, she is new to the computer repair world, but that does not stop her from wanting to work in the IT industry, preferably in the hardware side of things.  She wants to be rich someday, and knowing Jasmin, she will no doubt be successful.  I am glad to nominate Jasmin for student of the month!

"CONGRATULATIONS" to these students. Way to go!


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Shelley Heaton