CTE Students Of the Month Continued

Submitted by shelley.heaton on Mon, 02/27/2023 - 09:19
Collage of students

February is CTE Month. The CTE Students of the month are as follows:

Digital Media - Evan Childs is a great student. Evan enjoys learning and wants to improve. Evan has developed great abilities to communicate ideas and concepts visually. It has been very exciting to see him master new skills and use them in his projects. Way to go Evan!

Teacher Education - Haven Harris has excelled not only in the TAP 3 classroom assignments and activities, but she is involved in the student organization Educators Rising.  She is competing next week at the state competition in Lesson Planning.  She comes to class daily and uses her time wisely to complete assigned learning strategies. Congratulations Haven!

Computer Science - Sam Whitaker is an amazing student! He excels at his class work and contributes in so many positive ways. Sam spends hours of his own time helping with the robotics team. He is kind, hardworking and always willing to give of his time to help. Sam you rock!

Criminal Justice - Drew Nielsen is an outstanding student. He has already completed an internship with a local law enforcement agency, and is planning a career in law enforcement. He is always a great participant in class and one student who, I believe, stands out amongst his peers as a kind, driven, and positive role model for those around him. He is simply a good fellow human being, and one who will no doubt make an excellent law enforcement officer in the future. Awesome job Drew!

Way to go Students! 

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