LIVE INTERACTIVE (UVU College Classes from a Distance)

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Live Interactive courses  - UVU CLASSES FROM A DISTANCE - 

  • Suggested Grades: 12
  • PreReq: Some Courses Require PreReq's
  • Students need to work with the ALC counselor to get LI courses on high school schedule.

UVU Live Interactive classes are available to Nebo high school students with a qualifying High School GPA of 3.00. Live Interactive courses are another way to earn both high school and college credit concurrently. These courses are broadcasted from UVU in real-time to an ALC classroom, but taught by a UVU professor. Courses fulfill G.E. and/or major requirements at most colleges and universities. Courses do not follow the Nebo School District A/B schedule and calendar, this makes it difficult to fit in a normal high school schedule - for this reason these classes are suggested for your Senior year. Live Interactive is part of the UVU Extended Studies Department. 

Please click on the schedules below to see what is offered each semester.

Why Take Live Interactive Classes in High School?

  • Accelerate your time in high school by earning both high school and college credit at the same time.
  • Save up to 98% in college tuition at only $5.00 per credit.
  • Learn from UVU professors in a professional environment with other like-minded motivated students.
  • Go at your own pace and earn General Education requirements or up to a full associate degree before high school graduation.
  • Gain access to university campus resources like academic labs, tutors, academic advisors, etc.



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