November ALC Students of the Month

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This month, the ALC, November, students of the month are as follows:

Nominated by- Ms. Olsen- Aviation:

Moses Fletcher--  Moses is actively involved in our aviation classes at eh ALC. Almost everyday he finds an interesting current event related to aviation to share with Ms. Olsen. He's very helpful in fixing the simulators and helping out around the classroom. He's  also very involved in his high school's theater department.

Braelyn Newbury- Braelyn always has a good attitude and sense of humor in class. She asks good questions about aviation and has lofty future goals. She is very involved in soccer and American Sign Language at her high school.


Nominated by Mr. Johnson- Criminal Justice/ Investigation:

Emily Walker- Emily is a great student and a pleasure to have in my Criminal Justice class. She is always pleasant and attentive, and participates in class discussions. On several occasions, I have observed Emily in the hall of the ALC before class with her computer open, textbooks out and studying hard. Emily seems to be driven and a motivated individual with a desire to always do her best.  Because of these qualities, I know there is nothing that can stop her from doing exactly what she wishes for her future. It is pleasure to nominate Emily as Student of the Month.

Colin Torgersen- Collin has a great demeanor and always seems to be in a good mood when he is in class. He is always punctual and never seems to be distracted while in my class. He contributes to class discussions as appropriate, and interacts with his classmates well. Collin is a high school soccer player who works hard at his sport as well as his academics in his Criminal Justice class. With these qualities I have no doubt that Collin will be successful in whatever his future endeavors may be. I am grateful to nominate Collin as ALC Student of the Month.


Nominated by Mrs. Hartvigsen- EMR/ Health Sciences:

Sam Brown- Sam is taking both EMR and Medical Forensics. She is a very good student who is interested in Health Sciences. Sam really likes Medical Forensics and is interested in the Forensic Psychology area.  Sam has a fun, quiet personality, she is a thinker and doer. I enjoy teaching Sam because she has the desire to learn, and is not afraid to go after what she wants.

Tyler Bodily- Tyler is in my EMR class. He is an outgoing young man who is excited about emergency Medical services. Tyler is always willing to help others in the class understand concepts and how-to-do kills. Tyler will be an emergency medical responder anyone can count on.



Not pictured in the group pictures:  Sam Brown and  Moses Fletcher


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Shelley Heaton, Photos by Ms. Grant